5 Best Restaurants in London

The city that never sleeps, London offers a wide range of fascinating things to keep visitors entertained. From the iconic Big Ben clock tower to the impressive Houses of Parliament, from the gorgeous Thames River to Westminster Abbey, planning a holiday in London will take you to the world of wonders. Visit around these wonders, take a lazy stroll along the square and spot a world class dining when you feel pangs of hunger. These best restaurants in London will surely make your day.

Humble Grape:

If you are looking forward to have an amazing evening in the heart of London with your girl, nothing makes a great spot than Humble Grape. The stunning wood-furnished bar brags off an excellent collection of wine. Ask the friendly staff to serve you the best wine that the bar offers and enjoy your sip with your girl on that chunky table. This is also the destination for great food. Yes, they do serve great snacks.

Seven Park Place:

Dine at Seven Park Place and feel so special. You are going to make your loved one feel special. The swanky dining zone is set in luxury hotel for upscale and elite people. The typical British menu, which is inspired by French recipes, can lure any food lover.

Holy Smoke:

Come down to this beautiful place for a great dinner. You will surely be moved by the hospitality that the restaurant has to offer. Besides that the wide range of dishes will make you water right away. The food is simply excellent and service is exceptional. Come here once, you will come time and again.

Marianne Restaurant:

Yes, it is celebration time and Marianne Restaurant is already calling. Woo your lady in this intimate setting and enjoy some fabulous food London has to offer. Combine your meals with your favourite drinks. You will love the service, while the friendly staff will make your day.

Fiddie’s Italian Kitchen:

If you are an avid admirer of food and can’t resist when stumble upon, Fieddie’s Italian Kitchen is a must. This is a major draw as in the capital of England. Italian dishes lovers, especially pizza lovers, find this well-decorated restaurant just ideal. While the setting is awesome, the friendly-staff help you enjoy the meal in an elegant manner.

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4 Best Ways to Enjoy Nightlife in London

If you have to be part of world’s most electrifying nightlife, visit London. With hundreds of bars, cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs scattered in every street, every corner of the city, London certainly claims to be one of the best destinations that you can think of spending vibrant evenings. As it brags off the best club scene in the world, many term it as the capital of cool. Heaven, Fabric, Ministry of Sound, etc. are some of the super clubs where you can party all night. If you are looking forward to have intimate experience, there is no dearth of options. Check out 4 best ways to enjoy the most vibrant and pulsating nightlife in the world.

Hidden Bars & Restaurants:

Spend some intimate moments with your love of life in London’s hidden bars and restaurants. There is a huge collection of such venues – from bars set with wardrobes to world class eateries disguised as sex shops. Back In 5 Minutes, Callooh Gallay, The Doodle Bar, Four O Nine, Old Tom & English, Freud, Happiness Forgets, La Bodega Negra, The Lucky Pig, Love & Liquor, Opium Cocktail & Dim Sum Parlour, Mr Fogg’s, The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, Upstairs Bar & Restaurant, The King of Ladies Man and Call Me Mr Lucky are to name some of the highly sought after restaurants and bars.

Top Clubs:

The past has witnessed many former warehouses, factories, railway arches and theaters turning into party venues where the locals never hesitate to descend into for a big night out. Popular clubs in London boast pop, rock, indie, world music, etc. besides excellent drink. The most sought after bars being Pacha, Fabric, Koko, Studio 338, Cable, Proud Camden and Proud2.

Comedy, Cabaret and Burlesque:

Have you developed quite a taste for cheeky striptease and glamorous show? London will not disappoint you. The city is dotted with such venues adorned superbly with corsets and tassels. Let your hair down, immerse in your favourite dishes and drinks and create the most cherished moments. Proud Cabaret City, Volupte Lounge, Cafe de Paris, Madame Jojo’s, CellarDoor, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, etc. can make the most discerning visitors move their body.

Speakeasy Bars:

Hidden behind unassuming entrances and unmarked doors are London’s most elusive bars. You will be welcomed with glamorous dress codes, served with your favourite cocktails in teacups and pampered with suave jazz. 69 Colebrooke Row, Barts, Bourne and Hollingsworth and Cellar Door might fascinate you. Avail girls from Buzz Escorts and enjoy a pleasant evening in London.

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in London

Do you know that a city like London can draw more than 15 million visitors every year? In fact, the number is growing with each passing day. World class attractions, award winning eateries, jazzy bars, great climate and friendly locals are some of the crowd pullers that the city has to boast. If this is your first time in the lavish city, the following attractions certainly deserve to be in your list. From Roman ruins to cathedrals and famous museums to royal palaces, the blog will take you to all those places that you have witness on TV.

  • Buckingham Palace:

Why not start your London tour with this iconic building? Termed as one of the most celebrated buildings in Britain, Buckingham Palace allures massive number of visitors and mesmerise them with incredible showcase of pomp and architecture. The spectacular site was constructed in the 19th century and has been the residence to the Royal Family since the accession of Queen Victoria.

  • Victoria and Albert Museum:

The V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) was built in 1852 and contains numerous ancient arts and artefacts. Occupying an area of 13 acres, the museum brings to as many as 145 galleries that house ceramics and glass, silver and jewellery, prints and photos, sculptures, textiles and costumes and ironwork.

  • Tower of London:

Yes, you have got to visit the Tower of London that has played diverse roles – from private zoon to treasure vault, from palace to prison – down the centuries. Even if you are not a history buff, this World Heritage Site will keep you fully engaged with country’s rich history. The Crown Jewels, the Royal Mint and many other exhibitions adorn the Tower of London. The Tower Bridge is an adjacent attraction from here.

  • British Museum:

Ardent lover of antiquities? Head to the British Museum and witness more than thirteen million of spectacular artefacts, including precious objects from Europe, Babylonia, Assyria, China, etc. from different parts of the world.

  • Big Ben and Parliament:

The Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are two significant attractions that no avid travellers should miss out. The Big Ben is a 97-metre tower that boasts the largest clock in the world, which is known as the time signal of British Broadcasting Corporation Radio. Below the giant clock are the Houses of Parliament, which was once the seat of William, the Conqueror.

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Top 7 Clubs in London

What makes London one of the leading party hot spots in the world? What make elite class people keep coming for ultimate nights in London? Want to know? Come along with your partner and grab a space at the intimate venues and super clubs in London that promise you unforgettable moments for sure. If you love clubbing, nothing makes better place than London. With a great range of nightclubs around, visitors to London are assured for never-ending fun.

Below is a list of the most amazing clubs in London that worth your attention.


Cargo should be the place if you are an ardent lover of hip hop music. Not only just set in a great location, the famous club intrigues people with its superb interior charm. The diverse range of music will keep your charged. The staff is warm and the crowd is very friendly. If you can enter the club before 10 pm on Saturday, you will be privileged enough to enjoy free entry.

Electric Brixton:

The Fridge as it is known widely has a great selection of gigs. Opened in 2011, Eclectic Brixton keeps intriguing customers with awesome live acts, DJs and many more. It is called the best dance venue in South London.

Ministry of Sound:

There are 4 bars, 5 distinctive rooms and 4 dance floors adorn Ministry of Sound – the super club.


What about having an electrifying evening filled with live music? KOKO should be on your list as it plays to a wide gamut of musical tastes – from pop to blues, from rock to dance music.

Egg London:

This is a warehouse style club with 24-hour license for all-night dance parties. It has outdoor spaces that give a different feeling about the place and making it stand out. The stylish venue further boasts 3 intimate floors to chill out and cool off.

Corsica Studios:

Corsica Studios is an entertainment venue with outstanding live music. The clear and loud sound system will make you shake your leg for the entire evening. Also, the setting is outstanding. It is an astounding underground club that offers a bar and 2 rooms for music.

Studio 338:

The nightclub boasts a heated terrace for colder nights and an open-air terrace for summer parties. Studio 338 has ample space and a plenty of room for the customers to relax. The stunning club is located within a few minutes away from The O2.

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Top 5 Loveliest Places for an Ideal First-time Date in London

Teeming with snazzy bars, cafes, electric nightlife, award-winning restaurants and a plethora of awe-inspiring attractions, London certainly makes one of the most vibrant destinations for your next holiday.It is a place for everyone – from students to businessmen, from couples to individuals and from groups to families. If you are someone who is recently in love and want to take his date to a popular place to make the occasion special, London has definitely got an array of such places. Here are some fascinating names that you might want to check out –


If you love fine dining and a place where the elite class people throng in huge numbers, Southbank is the place that you have been looking for. Don’t let the whole world know that you are on your first ever date and show them your mature side by making the best use of cultural options. The Southbank Centre offers swashbuckling dance performances. Then there is the majestic Odeon BFI Imax. Put your 3D glass on and grab some highbrow scenes.

Kensington and Knightsbridge

To make a perfect first-date impression, nothing makes a great location than Kensington and Knightsbridge. Not only just give a perfect companion to your beautiful girl, but help her indulge in the delectable sushi. Then there is Toto’s in Knightsbridge if your date has incredible weakness for contemporary Italian cuisines. Enjoy a formal dinner and inundate in laid back vibes.

Hyde Park:

Yes, you have been to this beautiful so many times with friends, but not with girlfriend. Times has arrived to take your girl and woo her in the tranquillity of booming nature. Hire pedolas for a change and immerse in the truly natural splendour.

The Geffrye Museum:

When you have enough of drinking, eating and exploring nature, simply take a trip down the memory lane and visit the Geffrye Museum. The beautiful museum is said to be one of the best hidden museums in the city. Besides wandering through the houses of history, you can ask your girl for a romantic stroll along the walled garden. Take a halt at the coffee shop to relax and unwind with each sip.

Sager and Wilde:

What about a drink? The girls from 5 Star Manchester Escorts are ready to accept any challenge thrown by their customers. This quietly sophisticated destination makes your mood. It offers a great range wine choices.