5 Best Restaurants in London

Seven Park Place

The city that never sleeps, London offers a wide range of fascinating things to keep visitors entertained. From the iconic Big Ben clock tower to the impressive Houses of Parliament, from the gorgeous Thames River to Westminster Abbey, planning a holiday in London will take you to the world of wonders. Visit around these wonders, take a lazy stroll along the square and spot a world class dining when you feel pangs of hunger. These best restaurants in London will surely make your day.

Humble Grape:

If you are looking forward to have an amazing evening in the heart of London with your girl, nothing makes a great spot than Humble Grape. The stunning wood-furnished bar brags off an excellent collection of wine. Ask the friendly staff to serve you the best wine that the bar offers and enjoy your sip with your girl on that chunky table. This is also the destination for great food. Yes, they do serve great snacks.

Seven Park Place:

Dine at Seven Park Place and feel so special. You are going to make your loved one feel special. The swanky dining zone is set in luxury hotel for upscale and elite people. The typical British menu, which is inspired by French recipes, can lure any food lover.

Holy Smoke:

Come down to this beautiful place for a great dinner. You will surely be moved by the hospitality that the restaurant has to offer. Besides that the wide range of dishes will make you water right away. The food is simply excellent and service is exceptional. Come here once, you will come time and again.

Marianne Restaurant:

Yes, it is celebration time and Marianne Restaurant is already calling. Woo your lady in this intimate setting and enjoy some fabulous food London has to offer. Combine your meals with your favourite drinks. You will love the service, while the friendly staff will make your day.

Fiddie’s Italian Kitchen:

If you are an avid admirer of food and can’t resist when stumble upon, Fieddie’s Italian Kitchen is a must. This is a major draw as in the capital of England. Italian dishes lovers, especially pizza lovers, find this well-decorated restaurant just ideal. While the setting is awesome, the friendly-staff help you enjoy the meal in an elegant manner.

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