Top 5 Tourist Attractions in London

Buckingham Palace

Do you know that a city like London can draw more than 15 million visitors every year? In fact, the number is growing with each passing day. World class attractions, award winning eateries, jazzy bars, great climate and friendly locals are some of the crowd pullers that the city has to boast. If this is your first time in the lavish city, the following attractions certainly deserve to be in your list. From Roman ruins to cathedrals and famous museums to royal palaces, the blog will take you to all those places that you have witness on TV.

  • Buckingham Palace:

Why not start your London tour with this iconic building? Termed as one of the most celebrated buildings in Britain, Buckingham Palace allures massive number of visitors and mesmerise them with incredible showcase of pomp and architecture. The spectacular site was constructed in the 19th century and has been the residence to the Royal Family since the accession of Queen Victoria.

  • Victoria and Albert Museum:

The V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) was built in 1852 and contains numerous ancient arts and artefacts. Occupying an area of 13 acres, the museum brings to as many as 145 galleries that house ceramics and glass, silver and jewellery, prints and photos, sculptures, textiles and costumes and ironwork.

  • Tower of London:

Yes, you have got to visit the Tower of London that has played diverse roles – from private zoon to treasure vault, from palace to prison – down the centuries. Even if you are not a history buff, this World Heritage Site will keep you fully engaged with country’s rich history. The Crown Jewels, the Royal Mint and many other exhibitions adorn the Tower of London. The Tower Bridge is an adjacent attraction from here.

  • British Museum:

Ardent lover of antiquities? Head to the British Museum and witness more than thirteen million of spectacular artefacts, including precious objects from Europe, Babylonia, Assyria, China, etc. from different parts of the world.

  • Big Ben and Parliament:

The Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are two significant attractions that no avid travellers should miss out. The Big Ben is a 97-metre tower that boasts the largest clock in the world, which is known as the time signal of British Broadcasting Corporation Radio. Below the giant clock are the Houses of Parliament, which was once the seat of William, the Conqueror.

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