Top 5 Loveliest Places for an Ideal First-time Date in London

Teeming with snazzy bars, cafes, electric nightlife, award-winning restaurants and a plethora of awe-inspiring attractions, London certainly makes one of the most vibrant destinations for your next holiday.It is a place for everyone – from students to businessmen, from couples to individuals and from groups to families. If you are someone who is recently in love and want to take his date to a popular place to make the occasion special, London has definitely got an array of such places. Here are some fascinating names that you might want to check out –


If you love fine dining and a place where the elite class people throng in huge numbers, Southbank is the place that you have been looking for. Don’t let the whole world know that you are on your first ever date and show them your mature side by making the best use of cultural options. The Southbank Centre offers swashbuckling dance performances. Then there is the majestic Odeon BFI Imax. Put your 3D glass on and grab some highbrow scenes.

Kensington and Knightsbridge

To make a perfect first-date impression, nothing makes a great location than Kensington and Knightsbridge. Not only just give a perfect companion to your beautiful girl, but help her indulge in the delectable sushi. Then there is Toto’s in Knightsbridge if your date has incredible weakness for contemporary Italian cuisines. Enjoy a formal dinner and inundate in laid back vibes.

Hyde Park:

Yes, you have been to this beautiful so many times with friends, but not with girlfriend. Times has arrived to take your girl and woo her in the tranquillity of booming nature. Hire pedolas for a change and immerse in the truly natural splendour.

The Geffrye Museum:

When you have enough of drinking, eating and exploring nature, simply take a trip down the memory lane and visit the Geffrye Museum. The beautiful museum is said to be one of the best hidden museums in the city. Besides wandering through the houses of history, you can ask your girl for a romantic stroll along the walled garden. Take a halt at the coffee shop to relax and unwind with each sip.

Sager and Wilde:

What about a drink? The girls from 5 Star Manchester Escorts are ready to accept any challenge thrown by their customers. This quietly sophisticated destination makes your mood. It offers a great range wine choices.